Stop the New Bill Against Islam AND Muslims! Real “Separatism ” is to Portray Muslims as a Public Problem


Baca Juga:

Muslims living in France are facing a new offensive by the French government with the forthcoming adoption of the “Law Confirming the Principles of the Republic” – initially entitled “Law against Separatism” – and a convention that will only apply to imams. 

More importantly, authorities are now requesting a « French version of Islam » which would be subjected to the will of the government. This is a blatant attack against all Muslim organisations and mosques as it targets their freedom of worship. The repression against Muslims keeps strengthening with a significant increase of police searches, threats of eviction, as well as mosques and school closures. In addition, the government has voted the dissolution of a humanitarian NGO and a human rights organisation defending Muslims in France against racism and discrimination.

These two draft laws clearly threaten the fundamental freedoms of Muslims and more broadly illustrate a shift towards a restriction of citizens’ rights and freedoms in this country.The suggested measures also stand in opposition to the French Constitution which stipulates equal treatment of all citizens under the law, as well as the right to be treated with respect and dignity.

Therefore, communities have started organizing by creating the « Protest Movement against the ’separatism’ law» in order to defend the dignity and freedom of Muslims in France. The coalition aims to obtain the withdrawal of these two repressive bills through demonstrations and various concrete actions such as petitions and media publications.

Aware that our struggle must be strengthened through international support, our goal is to raise awareness around this issue to exert pressure on the French government. Our movement does not only tackle islamophobia in France, it comes as anti-Muslim hatred is growing worldwide. The struggle must therefore be global as the challenges we face are similar here and elsewhere.

 For all these reasons, we urge you to support the « Protest Movement against the ’separatism’ law».


United against the law on “separatism»!

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