The Internal Historical-Dialectics Process behind Peace Advocating Agenda of Israeli Communist Party

Pamphlet of Israel Communist Party calling for unity and brotherhood of the working class beyond borders of race, ethnicity, gender and nation. Source: 21centurymanifesto.wordpress.com. Introduction MAKI, abbreviation of HaMiflega HaKomunistit HaYisraelit (translated in English as Israeli Communist Party), is a political party in Israel. MAKI was founded as Rakah, abbreviation from Reshima Komunistit Hadasha...

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Hijrah and the Commitment to Fight Oppression

Image: prajavani.net What differs today’s Islamic Hijrah New Year with those of the previous? This question might lead to many answers as it means personal for different people and groups. However, for progressive Muslims in Indonesia, there is one common highlight of the previous year that brings a different emphasis: The new year of 1440 Hijriah...

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Can Individual Land Certification Programs Be Successful in Indonesia?

Source: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/3d/52/e2/3d52e20f426d5311e472382a6f0cab5f--landscape-art-landscape-paintings.jpg Editor’s note: Welcome to our new English column of Islam Bergerak. Here we aim to publish intellectual works on - but not limited to – Indonesia’s social, political, economy and cultural issues in a critical and progressive lens. We welcome study cases, reviews, reflections, papers on Indonesia, other countries, theories, or comparative...

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