Covid-19, Universal Basic Income and Rural Inequalities in Rural Flores, Indonesia

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about economic problems in rural Flores. Although the pandemic hit all villagers, the poor –landless peasants, poor peasants and informal workers– suffer the most in Flores. Social scientists, especially Victoria Fanggidae and Jonatan A Lassa, have so far contributed to finding solutions to in rural Indonesia such as Flores through introducing Universal Basic...

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Stop the New Bill Against Islam AND Muslims! Real “Separatism ” is to Portray Muslims as a Public Problem

Muslims living in France are facing a new offensive by the French government with the forthcoming adoption of the “Law Confirming the Principles of the Republic” - initially entitled “Law against Separatism” - and a convention that will only apply to imams.  More importantly, authorities are now requesting a « French version of Islam » which would be subjected...

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